The Covid Warp Speed summit on TV this afternoon has been fascinating.

CEOs from FedX, UPS, McKesson, Walgreens, and others along with scientists, government, and the military were there.

As they explained the many layers of how we got here and where we are going I could not help but be proud of what America can do when we work together. Robust processes are in place from the factory to the needle in the arm.

Competitors are coordinating, disciplines that normally have nothing in common have teamed up, massive resources were brought to bear. As one panelist said, “we proceeded as if success was inevitable”.

The US and parts of the world have had an uneven response to the pandemic so far. Despite that, it appears we have figured out how to end it. I wonder how history will remember this defining time in our world.

Tim Gebauer




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Tim Gebauer

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