This morning I’m sitting on my deck, my wife at work. It’s a peaceful morning. One Crow, then a second, descends into a neighbors tree. They are very interested in something in the neighbors back yard. What, I have no idea. They are conversing in that low clicky language to each other. It’s a quiet language not meant to carry far as so many of their cries do.

They go up on the neighbors roof and a third joins the conversation. Still I have no idea what is so interesting. Then I’m distracted by something on my iPad and the next thing I hear is their cries as they fly away.

I’m sorry I lost the thread of their curiosity, that moment where I might have understood.



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Tim Gebauer

Thrift and retail blogger. Helping small business succeed. Connect on linkedIn, my thrift reseller blog thethrifter or my amazon thrift merchandising e-book.